Being chronically ill requires an incredible amount of energy of the body. As chronically ill you rest and sleeps a lot at times. Despite this the body never gets fully recharged and full of energy and in between there´s days when you have no energy whatsoever.

 «The body can be compared with a battery that never fully recharges«

Throughout all my years as chronically ill it´s been really difficult for me to explain how fatigued, tired and lack of energy I have some days. here the other day I came across a video that explains this in an amazingly good way by comparing the body with a battery. The battery never gets fully charged – sometimes it´s right up to 70-80% (good days) and other days only at 20% when the day starts.

Unfortunately the charging time has no impact on how much energy I start my day with. Even if I´ve been on ”charge” for days I´m not guaranteed to start my day with 70-80% battery capacity. This makes it incredibly difficult to and at times impossible to plan and schedule both my days and onwards. Something which can be very frustrating for my family, friends but not at least me. This in itself is often more frustrating than the pain I live with every day  because it´s never possible to plan my days 100%, but thankfully every day I learn a little more about accepting my body´s limited battery capacity and the rest it needs.

A lot of you may know someone who´s chronically ill or has fatigue. The video below explains in simple terms how they are doing and how it is to be chronically ill. I hope you watch it and get a understanding of what it is like to live with a ”broken” battery that never gets fully charged.

Here´s the video;

Chronically ill – fatigue – the battery analogy