HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you reading and following my blog!

I´m sorry for the long silence. It´s not my will power but my health that has stopped me….. Wishing for a better 2017.

2017 has just arrived with all that comes with it. We all start with blank pages that we can fill with the colours and contents we want. As most of you I have great wishes for those colours and contents of my 2017 pages. The outcomes of our wishes are often quite different from the realised reality however I will be very pleased if I get some colours and a few nice drawings on my blank pages. Anything is better than blank colourless pages without content. Small steps, small pleasures…..

«I have won a lot of important battles and I´ve gained lots of good and important experiences. Victories and knowledge I know others could benefit from. «

My biggest wish for 2017 is to become better at writing and updating my blog. This is I feel I have an important story to tell and learnings to share. Since my accident in 2006 I have fought a lot of hard battles both personally and against the system namely against the Healthcare system, insurance company, legal system, Tax Authorities, Social welfare (NAV) etc. Through these battles I´ve won a lot of important victories and I´ve gained a lot of good and valuable experiences. Victories and knowledge I know others could benefit from. I aspire to continue to share as many of these learnings with you through 2017.

2016 was another hard year – both mentally and physically – which unfortunately has impacted my ability to write as frequently as I would have liked.

I try as hard as I can to continually self assess and learn to make my life better for my kids and me. One huge achievement is realizing that I need to consider myself and look after myself better. With this in mind I have been experimenting with a new way of living and how I use my energy. Since the accident I have suffered with pain, which takes its toll and tires me. Through 2016 I have been able to better accept my change of circumstance and realise that like anything I do not have an infinite energy source. So I now timetable my time into periods of energy usage and rest periods. The result is that I have more energy, less pain and I am able to enjoy my life and kids much more than I was able to before. I hope to continue experimenting with this technique through 2017. In turn I hope this will allow me to spend more time to write on my blog and hopefully help others benefit from my learnings and inspire others to do less and feel more alive!

Again, to all of you reading this – HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope together we can ensure the pages in 2017 are filled with lovely colours and beautiful drawings.